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                                                                                                                                                                            I received my MA degree in Architectural Interior Design from the world renowned Inchbald School of Design. Previous to that I studied Fashion Design at Parsons University in Paris. I'm also fascinated by history and am currently studying Roman Architecture with Yale University. All of this has made a strong impact on my vision, knowledge, style of work and creativity. 

My company:

I am very grateful to have the chance to continue my company's journey here in Singapore, a country that is developing so fast and hosts so many people from different countries,cultures and professions. Singapore provides a great opportunity for architects and interior designers to bring a new wave and vision of space planning, combined with a fashionable, creative approach and new ideas…

in this I see my strength. 


How it works:

The first stage to start with is to work on the space planning, how particular people will move in it, to recognise their needs so it is comfortable and satisfies their lifestyle, explore carefully, a person's habits based on their five senses (sight,touch,smell,taste and sound) in order to make their space personalised for them. This is at the core - continuing to tell their story through their space before the decorating process and choice of furniture starts.

Masha Kaya

Professional background :  

After getting my MA degree in Architectural Interior Design in the UK, I have worked on commercial projects for some of the worlds top architectural firms such as GGA, UK (Guy Greenfield Architects) and MLS Architekten, Switzerland (under the supervision of Roman Mooser). Previous to that my experience includes working on private residential Interior projects in Russia, Spain and most recently Singapore.


Hi ! My name is Masha Kaya and I am the founder of the boutique company SKETCH THE SPACE. I am British with Russian roots. For about 12 years now I’ve been traveling around the world and have lived and worked in different cities like Moscow, NY, Paris, London and now Singapore. During my journey I have never missed an opportunity to study what I love and what I do for a living. 

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